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Born in 1981, in Kiev, the Ukraine, Yuriy Ovsannikov began his sport acrobatic training at the tender age of 7 years old. Since 1992 he trained the position of “flyer” in the four man team, which would in the future become the internationally renowned group "Sea World".


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Circus Ring.

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Technicians photos

Share your photos working as a technician on a circus with us here at the Circus technicians website..

23/05/2012 07:16


The Hartford Circus Fire

The Hartford Circus Fire

The worst disaster in Hartford history occurred on July 6, 1944, during a performance of the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey circus in the city's north end.

With several thousand people gathered under the "big top," flames appeared on the tent and spread quickly, inadvertantly aided by the mixture of gasoline and paraffin that had been used to waterproof the canvas.

Circus tent ablaze

The fire spread rapidly on the gasoline- and paraffin-soaked canvas. Click here for a larger image. Photo: Corbis.

Panic proved as deadly as the flames. The crowd stampeded to escape the tent, and many were trampled. Others were blocked by obstacles like steel railings along the front of the bleachers and an animal chute blocking a main exit. Meanwhile, hundreds were saved by spectators, circus workers, and passersby who sliced open the tent or lifted children and the injured over the barriers. In the end, however, 168 people died.

Because it was a circus performance, and because it occurred on a Thursday afternoon during World War II, when many adults worked long hours at war-production plants, children accounted for many of the casualties; only 100 of the dead were older than 15. The injured numbered 487.

Several officials of the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus served prison terms for negligence in the fire. But no one was ever charged with starting it. Stewart O'Nan devotes a chapter of his book "The Circus Fire" to Robert Dale Segee, whom Ohio authorities arrested in connection with a series of arson fires in 1950. It turned out that Segee had been with the circus at the time of the Hartford fire, as a member of a lighting crew. He initially confessed to setting that fire as well but eventually recanted, claiming Ohio authorities had simply talked him into believing he was guilty. Ohio's refusal to let Connecticut investigators interview Segee didn't help either. After serving four years on the Ohio charges, he was declared a paranoid schizophrenic and committed for a time to a state hospital for the insane. He died in Columbus, Ohio, in August 1997.

The investigation revealed that no site inspection had been made by the city fire marshal prior to the performance and fire protection equipment was not properly in place. A fire department pumper was not stationed at the grounds as it should have been, although many said the fire department would not have been unable to stop the fire even if they had. When the fire department did arrive, they had to lay over 1,000 feet of hose because there was no hydrant on the grounds which didn't help matters.

The circus' water trucks were supposed to be located near the big top with their engines running during the show in case of such an emergency. Again, there are contradictions as to if they were there or not. Not in contradiction was the absence of the many fire extinguishers which were supposed to be positioned under the bleachers.

These were not unloaded from the train because the War had also left the circus very short-handed. Complaints filed in the aftermath would also state that there was inadequate circus personnel for fire protection.

click to enlarge
















Circus clown Emmett Kelly carrying water to douse the flames. The tragedy would later become to be known as "the day the clowns cried.

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Welcome to the Circus technicians website.

The website was developed to bring technicians, stage crew and anyone with in interest in the technical operation of a circus together.

We hope you find our site useful and if you require and additional information or advice please contact us.

The group is run by qualified technicians and its members are from many disciplines within the circus industry.

We hope you enjoy the new added features of this website including a very functional job board and forum.

The forum is available for members to discuss technical matters and list vacancies within the circus industry  .

If you have any questions or comments please contact us.


Dont forget to like us on Facebook visit our page here

Once again Welcome.



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  • bagnuk

    12/01/2016 11:40

    Penguins group.
    Each of our mime-shows is accompanied with: clowning, acrobatics, juggling, magic tricks, bubbles and dancing. Each show is interactive - the viewer can take part in it with our artists.

  • lighttramp

    09/04/2013 04:45

    Visit circus technicians on Linkedin http://www.linkedin.com/groups/Circus-Technicians-4075690?gid=4075690&trk=hb_side_g

  • lighttramp

    08/11/2012 14:59

    Looking for 2 Ring Boys for UK show email jcm-management@hotmail.com for details

  • lighttramp

    23/10/2012 06:50

    Models aged 18 to 32, needed for photo shoot
    Shoot location Indonesia.
    Filming for several catalogues

  • lighttramp

    23/10/2012 06:42

    Big Top Production(CIRCUS IN UK) is looking for English speaking, reliable couple, would suit mature couple whose children have left home.

    Her - Canteen cook. Also cook in snack bar in interval, must be CLEAN, HONEST, RELIABLE, and a GOOD VERSATILE COOK

    Him - Electrical experience would be an advantage, HGV driver, pay box / ticket office duties, we need an honest chief cashier. Good on computer, Discreet in office. And to clean customer rest room, and keep it spotless.

    Own vehicle and caravan

  • lighttramp

    25/09/2012 05:22

    Looking for photographers who will participate in a world event to benefit charity - have a look at the www.wpdwa.org site

  • lighttramp

    08/09/2012 13:54


    Contract is for 12 months in a theme park in Taiwan.
    Accomodation, flights for artists and shipping for equipment will be paid for.

    Please email: highperformanceproductions@msn.com

  • lighttramp

    04/09/2012 16:37

    Is looking for act's for their 2013 tour.

  • Admin.

    08/08/2012 14:39

    Macao Association of Stilt Stunt Arts MASSA.

    Check out the new stilt walker group for Macau .


    Application form are here , https://www.facebook.com/download/450991308274226/STILTS%20ICM.pdf

  • lighttramp

    08/08/2012 11:04

    Chan's Show
    Filipino musicians wanted for a cruise ship contract, need a duo, classical music, from Nov 2012 to May 2013. HKD19,000/month, live in the cruise ship, we provide meals, air transfer to the cruise ship pier. Everyday show, 4.5 hours per day, interested parties please send photos and show reels to chansproductions@gmail.com

  • brinumx

    05/08/2012 12:04

    Feel free to visit our last production:

    Any comment welcome

  • Admin.

    29/07/2012 15:17

    Circus Safari is looking for a tour manager for their Tour in Albania. Please contact them on circussafari@hotmail.com

  • chirita.daniel

    27/07/2012 13:32

    We have 2 acts:

  • lighttramp

    22/07/2012 15:23

    The London 2012 Festival is here!
    Leading artists from all over the world are coming together for a UK-wide festival featuring dance, music, theatre, the visual arts, film, digital innovation and more, giving everyone an opportunity to be part of the London 2012 celebrations. Find events near you at http://london2012.com/festival,...

  • lighttramp

    19/07/2012 13:30

    Federico Corda Looking for a fine Mariachi group for the winter! Please send me material: federicocorda@selectionie.com

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Santa Rosa Laguna Philippines.

Email : linusjcmlopez@gmail.com


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Circus of Horrors - The Ventriloquist


Circus of Horrors returns to indigO2 26 February 2012!

This is a circus show like no other...

Circus of Horrors - The Ventriloquist show is set in 1921 Berlin, This was the roaring twenties, a decedent decade and the birth of the Cabaret.

One particular Venue was struggling to make ends meet, new blood was needed and it was found when Dr Haze rolled into town with his Vampire Vaudeville show, featuring hair hanging beauties, twisted contortionists, flying aerialists, de...mon dwarfs, gyrating jugglers, voodoo warriors, pickled people, sword swallowers and its latest and greatest new found star The Ventriloquist.

Inspired by the Evil Ventriloquist movies ‘Devil Doll’ & ‘The Dead of Night’ the story twists and turns, sending a shiver down your spine as the demonic dummy seems to take on a life of its own

With a brilliant cast The Circus of Horrors features some of the greatest, most bizarre & beautiful Circus acts on earth. Where else can you see a dare devil sword swallower swallowing a lit neon tube!

Where else can you see a beautiful creature hung upside-down while a dare devil trapeze artist performs a exquisite ariel act hung solely from her partners hair! Where else can you see a contortionist contort her body while firing a arrow from a long bow with her feet!
All this and a whole lot more...

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Circus is Born.



On 9 January 1768, the first modern circus is staged in London by Englishman Philip Astley.
 A former cavalry sergeant major, Astley found that if he galloped in a tight circle, centrifugal force allowed him to perform seemingly impossible feats on a horse’s back. He drew up a ring and on January 9, 1768, invited the public to see him wave his sword in the air while he rode with one foot on the saddle and one on the horse’s head. Having much success with this act, Astley soon hired other equestrians, a clown, and musicians and in 1770 built a roof over his ring and called the structure Astley’s Amphitheatre.
Two years later Astley went to Versailles to perform his “daring feats of horsemanship” before King Louis XV, and he found France ripe for a permanent show of its own, which he founded in 1782. Also in 1782, a competitor in London set up shop just down the road from Astley’s Amphitheatre, calling his show the “Royal Circus,” after the Roman name for the circular theaters where chariot races were held.
Trick riders, acrobats, clowns, trained animals included, in the 19th century, the term “circus” was adopted as a generic name for this new form of entertainment. Astley, who lived until 1814, eventually established 18 other circuses in cities across Europe.
Canada’s Cirque du Soleil, which gave an artistic sensibility to its acrobatic acts while shunning the use of animals, was an innovative circus development of the late 20th century.


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